A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle- anonymous.
Proverbs 27:17 says :” As iron sharpens iron ,so one man sharpens another.
Candle is a good example here. No matter how many people their candles are lightened by your candle,it loses nothing but gets thanks,appreciations and honour from the people. Because, you offered them the light when needed without Lording them.
And no matter who this set of people share their own light with,it still remains your good deed in extension. As Proverbs 3:23 encourages : ” Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them”. This is a clear indication that you and I have people God has placed under our care to help when we are sure and led without resistance.
But when we make ourselves  objects of worship,to be worship or bow down to as gods  before we fulfill our divine tasks or mandates to those people, I put it to us that we are really deceiving ourselves and are nothing. As Galatians 6: 3 clearly exclaims :”If you think you are TOO IMPORTANT to help someone in need,you are only fooling yourself. You are really a nobody!” 
Therefore,our clarion call today is that we have a mandate – to do good to those it is in our power to help. It is a task,not optional! It mustn’t be on financial group. There are many ways you can execute yours. Look around your street,compound, or church,consider what you think you have a poor child lacks there. You can change that nylon bag that child uses as school bad,or that outdated or tore bag you watch him/her drags to school every morning. What about the bathroom slippers he / she wears to school due to lack of sandals. You can put smile in that face by providing one,no matter how cheap. You can,dear!
You can give out 2 A exercise book that is about #30 ,any quantity of your choice-2 /3, with pencils to poor Primary or nursary pupils. It must not be from your church. Remember, the gift  freely given out to unknown without hoping for reward,yields much blessings than the one given only to known people. It doesn’t mean you should deny your close neighbor the gifts,no! But give with the mindset of lending to God,and expecting reward from no man but God.
Let us know that at every point in time, God has a burden to provide for the poor,which he cannot drop on them from heaven. He releases his blessings on he that has the power and interest of giving. He gives to a giver who can always give without compromise.But if he gives you and you feel too superior to give to them,he withdraws and replaces you with another person. There is no regret in sincere giving. That is why one of our familiar quotes says in approval to this injunction : ” Givers never lack”.

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