About Amanda Chisom

Amanda Chisom is a media and communication consultant as well as an opinion blogger with active followers across various social media platforms. She currently has a Facebook followers of over 100k and Facebook page followers of over 60k. 


She has actively brought numerous campaigns to the frontline with mega impact on campaigns and has partnered with a lot of renown brands over the years to push their cause. Amanda Chisom’s blog is centered on humanity and the activities that affect, control and shape it.


She is strongly opiniated and lends her voice to causes that seek redress. Her blog has over the years drawn the active participation of Africans especially youths in discussing and seeking solution to social and societal challenges.  When she is not working, Amanda Chisom spends her time either reading or cooking her favorite  meals, she also has a knack for discovering new restaurants and she is also interested in fashion styling and fashion photography.

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