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Operatives of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority have arrested a commercial bus driver for stabbing a LASTMA officer after being apprehended for serious traffic obstruction around Costain in Lagos on Sunday.

This was disclosed in a statement released by the LASTMA Director, Public Affairs, Adebayo Taofiq, on Sunday.

The driver, whose name was not disclosed, was apprehended for picking passengers on the main expressway thereby causing serious traffic obstructions to other road users around Costain inward Iponrin in Lagos.

The driver was reported to have made “dangerous driving attempts to escape before he brought out knife and stabbed” the officer.

“After seeing the deep cut he had inflicted with the knife, he decided to stripped himself naked and caused serious commotions before he was eventually arrested by Police men from Iponri Police Station,” the statement added.

After his arrest, dangerous weapons – cutlass and knife – were recovered inside his commercial Volkswagen ‘T4’ bus by security officers.

The government had confirmed that the arrested driver would be immediately prosecuted to serve as a deterrent to other recalcitrant drivers.

Credit: LASTMA

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