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Senate President Ahmad Lawan on Saturday accused elites of being behind secession agitations in parts of Nigeria.

Lawan made the allegation while speaking to journalists in his home town Gashua, according to a statement by his Special Assistant (Press), Ezrel Tabiowo, in Abuja.

He further disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari would later this month present a supplementary budget to the National Assembly to request for more funds to tackle insecurity.

According to him, those behind the minority agitations were disgruntled elites bent on satisfying their self-serving interest to the detriment of majority of Nigerians.

“I believe that majority of Nigerians believe that they should stay together – and I mean the ordinary Nigerians. These are people who believe in the unity of this country.

“But the elites is where the problem is, the elites will tell you, no, we have to secede. I believe that we should be fair to the multitude of Nigerians – those ordinary people of Nigeria. What they require is leadership.

“We must give them leadership, a fair leadership. If we have any issues, we should be able to discuss the issues. We should not neglect people when they complain, but that is not likely to be the most popular position of the people from any part of the country.

“So, I believe that unity of this country is non-negotiable.”

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