I know a lot of “Women Libbers” won’t agree with this, but that beast, Evans is a prime example of a man who was destroyed for the most by marrying an irresponsible woman.

On the whole, Patriarchy played a huge part in helping the criminal parents mess up the lives of their children.

You only have to read their interviews forensically and place them side by side to see the trajectory of the life of Evans.

He is a criminal alright, but he might have been persuaded to go straight, at least to a non-lethal extent if his wife had put her foot down and insisted he cleaned up his act, or else she walked with the kids.

Don’t roll your eyes. We women do it all the time. If push comes to shove, use the kids and the man’s greatest needs for leverage.

He went to great pains and spared little expense in keeping his family far away from his criminal business. The first thing he did as the net closed in on him was to relocate them as far away as his limited funds could manage. He always got a roof over their heads as first priority. He made moves to get his mother to safety too. He saw to the financial needs of his extended family.

Evans clearly loves his family, especially his kids. He clearly enjoys being a family man. The softest touch ever.
A wife who cared for the well-being of her family and the future would have threatened to deprive him of this if he didn’t quit the “Illicit drugs trade” he claimed to her as his source of income. Then she would have asked to be more involved in his other legit claim of “dealing in spare parts an digital products”.

She thought he was a drug dealer. She didn’t care. He took care of their finances and that was just with her.

At the time he married her, he was not totally irredeemable as he has become now.

She hid under the umbrella of Patriarchy as most women in patriarchal societies do when it suited her. Let him be the head. He will use his “I am the man of this house” head to carry the load. My own is to chop.

And so Evans escalated to kidnapping when he became hard up. He had an idle wife who pissed out children like water to feed and clothe.

I believe his story. He sounds more plausible than the Missus. I suspect he gave them practically the last N20m he had to skip town and hoped to die in a gun duel with the police.

It is an indictment on the Mrs. Weepy Willow that her husband would beg the government to see to it that his children are sent to a good orphanage, and are prevented from becoming criminals in turn. He probably knows their mother won’t be up to the task, and might be further incriminated anyway.

I think with even little education the man is intelligent and pragmatic enough to know this is the end for him. She on the other hand thinks herself clever.

There is just so much study material for any rudimentary level study in Psychoanalysis and Psychology from this disgusting drama of Evans. I am enjoying the read.

My only hope is that the government sees to oblige him his wish to die. If indeed he has colon cancer as he claims, he shouldn’t be treated at the expense of our taxes. Let his trial be swift and let him get the maximum sentence for his grave crimes.

Since the Lagos State government is loath to carry out executions, could they bump this up to Federal, seeing as he operated outside Lagos territory sometimes? Failing this, he can still be left on death row like other affected inmates and left to the ravages of the cancer already lodging in his guts.

Either way, I believe it is only right for the sake of the police orderly and driver this mean man and his boys killed, and for the profound anguish, terror and material losses his victims and their loved ones suffered for no fault of theirs except the greed and Caprice of this vile fellow that Evans should be made to stand before the law, before Justice and Equity and hear the words:

“You are hereby sentenced to die.”


Culled from Temidayo Ahanmisi’s Facebook post.

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  • June 18, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    I totally agree with you except with your last statement. He cannot be sentenced to death while politicians who, in my opinion, have done worse, get jail terms. He is a criminal but he’s not the worse known criminal of our time.


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