For the years he had been a priest Father Calistus would be lying if he said he hadn’t felt attracted to any woman. The oath of celibacy had seemed like a romantic notion when he was ordained. The years in the seminary were filled with glorious righteousness as they prided themselves as the select few, the chosen ones who would be like Christ on earth. They would eschew all worldly pleasures and aspire to walk in His shoes. Surely if Christ could do it so would they. Didn’t He promise that they would do greater things?

But as the long years loomed ahead and their bodies refused to die to passion, desire, lust and urge for intercourse, then they realised the enormity of their vows. It was embarrassing to wake up in the morning with an erection. Yet it was more so denying that their senses sought release. Father Calistus had taken to mind control when the urge came on him. He would lie still on his bed and quietly pray the rosary till at last the soothing repetition of the Hail Marys calmed his raging nerves. Over the years he had trained his mind and body to ignore its natural urges and boasted in his success.

But today this little child before him had unravelled his carefully constructed life with four words. Words said with such sweet unassuming innocence. He imagined Eve’s voice must have been like that when she offered Adam the apple. How could Adam resist such allure?

‘I love you Father’ she had said with liquid eyes catching his in unabashed clarity. It was a punch to his gut and he physically flinched. It was too much to bear. The voice he had stored in his head, the virginal beauty of the girl before him and the utter force of the words winded him. He couldn’t speak for an interminably long time and when he did he had no idea what words he said.

He didn’t want to break her tender heart but he knew there was no way she should be encouraged. She was a misguided child and he had been adequately tutored on how to handle such unwanted affection. Unwanted? Oh but how he wanted it. He told himself he didn’t want her but only wanted her affection. She was too young to rouse any desire in him but he wanted the sweetness of her innocent affection. He wanted to preserve that look in his mind. He wanted to save that voice in his head and didn’t ever want her to tell anyone those words ever again. They were his forever and no one else should hear them.

‘Go child’. ‘Go on home, you do not know what you say’. His voice swept over her but the words refused to register. She knew he loved her as well otherwise why did it take him so long to respond. Why did that distant look creep into his eyes when she told him? His hands where he held her were still warm burning a hole through her shoulder. No, he was just saying what words were required of him. She just knew it. Prisca had achieved what she had set out to do. Get his attention, profess the burning love and leave everything else to fate.

For one so young she had an amazing resolve and a sort of stealth that belied her tender looks. ‘I will go Father but I won’t stop loving you’. ‘I will resume confession just to please mum but this was the only thing I’ve wanted to confess all this while’.

And so Prisca left. She refused his offer of a ride and took the long walk back home in a bid to clear her head and compose herself properly before seeing her mum. In a very little voice she spoke to her ‘Mum, I have confessed to Father Calistus and I will receive communion on Sunday’. She ignored the elated look of victory on her face and quietly laid on her bed with only her thoughts for company.

It was totally unplanned. He had sworn to himself that he would not break his vow and not with one so young. He prided himself on his legendary self control. Many women had tried but none had succeeded. Father Calistus thought himself invincible. He wore his boastful impenetration like a badge. Other priests may fail he said but not him.

But it was unplanned. Prisca seemed to have purged herself of the longing. Immediately she confessed her love, there was a release of that crippling desire. There was a studied patience about her that suggested certitude of the eventual outcome.

But it was unplanned. He was out shopping for his few personal needs in one of those exclusive malls when someone tugged at his shirt from behind. He turned around and his heart dropped into his stomach. She was smiling sweetly at him with those deep dimples creasing her plump cheeks. Father Calistus thought he had gotten over the little girl who had thrown a volcano at his composure. He had lied constantly to himself and had started believing the lie. But here she was again and the lies like a pack of cards crumbled in his face.

‘What are you doing here? he asked and she shrugged. ‘I have resumed at the university and I’m shopping for a few things’. ‘Imagine the shock of running into you here’. ‘Oh please can I pick your bill that is if it won’t wreck a poor priest’? ‘Never mind, I’d paid and was already leaving before I saw you’. ‘But then I don’t mind paying yours in support of a poor priest’ she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

There was something more self assured about her. She wasn’t that same child who appeared timid and scared to speak. There was an almost imperceptible air of maturity around her. Her smile was quick and her laughter rang boldly. He liked the new her. She didn’t seem so much like a child anymore.

Unplanned as the meeting was, there was something deliberate about his next question. ‘Have you had lunch?’ ‘Can I buy you lunch?’ She looked right into his eyes and excitedly replied ‘yes yes, I’d love to eat lunch with you’. The emphasis on the you didn’t escape him and it left a warm tingle behind.

Lunch was a complete success. They chatted about everything and he was impressed by her grasp of even very intricate subjects. She was chatty and witty throwing back words at him. Father was intrigued by the big girl in his company and much as he tried to deny it…his loin was stirred.

This was the first of many dates. Innocent dates he said to himself. Romantic dates she said to herself. Till the day she leaned over in the middle of a conversation and placed her lips on his. It was unplanned and unexpected but oh what tender lips. Like thirsty earth, Fathers lips opened and the quick dart of her warm tongue filled his mouth. It was a fleeting kiss but it held so much promise he knew he was going to ask for more. He wanted more. He needed to taste more of that sweetness.

After what seemed like years of careful planning, Prisca and Calistus were alone at last. He had tried to stop himself. He had prayed, fasted and purged his skin. He had done all he knew to stop the inevitable but alas he was first a man before a priest. For even man at his best is at best a man!

In the cold confines of the room, he cupped her face and gently parted her lips with his. The sweet fresh taste of the unspoiled mouth was sweeter than any wine he had tasted. He flicked his tongue into her mouth and even as their tongues met, a guttural moan escaped her. He wished he could stop. He wanted to stop but much as his spirit was willing his flesh was very weak. He put his arms around her and held her to himself. His hands groped, kneaded, prodded and carressed every exposed part of her. He nibbled on her ears, kissed her neck and slowly went down to the soft swell of her breasts. The sound of her zipper opening seemed to jar him out of his trance and he made to stop. But her hands were already under his shirt running through the luscious mat of hair and stroking his nipples. She had read enough books and was finding her way by his reactions.

She lifted his shirt and flicked her tongue on his nipple. The sweet sensation pushed a groan out of him and he pulled off her blouse and unhooked her bra. Her nubile breasts sprang free and he put his mouth on her nipples. He could barely wait.

Slowly he took off every bit of her clothing and admired the smooth and taut young virgin before him. He had been with very few women in his life but he had never known this intense desire. He was threatening to spill his seed even before he had started.

He locked his hands with hers, looked into her eyes and gently slid into her welcoming warmth. Despite the initial barrier, at last he was one with her.



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