Hi mandy….
I dunno if my action needs an advice or just to crack ur fans up…. I have this fiance of mine ND our wedding is coming up in three months time so I came visiting. I practically love ND Worship this guy, I do all the House chores ND the oza room chores just to make him happy but I think he’s an ungrateful brat. So back to what got me upset, on Saturday night I refused him sex cuz I wasn’t feeling strong so yesterday I woke up with a nagging headache, feeling dizzy and nauseous (u know I am 1month pregnant) so it was already late for church when I woke up that’s pass 7am, since it’s late I told him to pls help me in ironing his cloth since I can’t catch up with all the works waiting for me, so I enter the kitchen and boiled water for us to bath on the gas cooker, warm up the remaining food, asked this dude if he’s going to eat which he decline so I ate them all (u know pregnant food craving stuff).

Few minutes later oga was asking for food which he practically refused to eat o ND I told him that there’s no food except am gonna make custard or tea for him but he refused. Did I tell u that I didn’t sweep and mop the house since is already late for church? No…. And that was my mistake o, Mandy u need to see insult this guy was rendering upon me o, things that I use to do b4 just because I woke up late, he kept on talking and talking and talking of how I am becoming too lazy,how I woke up only to look for food to eat. Menh I couldn’t take that shit again I now blasted him, that if he can’t take my bullshit any longer he should just call off the wedding, I can’t come and kill myself for him (normal me b4 will be crying ND begging him or just keep quite).

You need to see the shock on his face, he wasn’t expecting that, so this morning I woke up late on purpose again and since he called me a lazy girl I decided to act lazy as well, I cooked for myself and ate (but meanwhile he went out early to God knows where), so after eating I took my bath ND switch on the TV to watch my favourite morning show , when I login my facebook I received a message from him.( the picture below) when he came back he asked for food and I showed him the way to the kitchen, when he was about leaving for his business he asked that I should help him wash some clothes and I asked him if his hands are broken or if there is no dry cleaner again.
Some men are just too annoying and I am gonna show him how to appreciated my little effort other than running his mouth anyhow For me. Well he’s one of your fan and I am sure he gonna see this but who cares.

Men pls learn how to appreciate the little effort of your spouse.

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