Hide d identity as usual pls. So I met dis guy like 3yrs ago, separated frm his second wife without children, but he is also divorced from his first marriage with 3kids and they are in the U.K.when we met I didn’t love him, but later we fell in love, I know I love him and I think he loves me too.The truth is he is over 15yrs older than me(but I still love him) I am a graduate,I am in the medical profession. Now this guy is rich no doubt, but he keeps talking about me getting pregnant for him, always baby dis and baby that. He is capable of getting me a car, but he will say if I get pregnant he will get me a car! It’s lik everything is attached to having a baby first ( disgusting )! He never mentions anything about getting married first, even his friend said why don’t I want to give the guy a child, because his children don’t like Nigeria and he needs a child here that will continue his business one day.

Also my guy loves children a lot, expecially d small toddlers lik 1-3yrs, because they amuse him, he loves them small that’s all he keeps singing( give me a child I can play with because my kids are all grown up already. To cut it short, one day we argued about this baby thing and I asked… “if I don’t get pregnant won’t you marry me ?” And he said he won’t marry me and he want to be blunt here. My head exploded, young girl like me? Seriously I have been thinking , do you think he loves me enough or just want baby, though he later said he was angry that’s why he said so and apologized , but Amanda pls post this, I have been thinking , could it be that he just want to date me till I am 30 and then when I drive all men away , then it’s too late for me, Bcus he doesn’t even allow me have fb male friends, he fight me over any guy that comes close, I have been driving so many guys away, only to hear dis, pls advice me.

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