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There is this issue which has been bordering me and I’ll really like to the get the opinion of ur friends and followers. The story may seem confusing bt to ease understanding, I’ll use names (not real ones). Pls forgive the length.
Anne and Laura are my first cousins (from different aunties). I’m close to both of dem bt closer to Anne who is my age mate. Laura, our older cousin is married to John. They’ve been married for several years with kids. Some years ago, Anne got into a relationship with James, John’s younger brother. That is, Laura’s brother in-law. Honestly, I criticised the relationship at first, asking her how she cld be dating our cousin’s broda in law. I thought the cousin concerned wldnt like it. Bt Laura seemed to be ok with it so they continued their relationship admidst criticisms from me and some oda relatives. After some tym hwr, we accepted it and let dem be.
After dating for a while, James proposed and Anne accepted and that is when all hell let loose. James’ family swore that they wld rather die than have their son marry Anne. In less than no tym, they arranged a more “suitable girl” according to their tastes for him and that went to the registry and signed their wedding. All this without Anne’s knowledge. Hurt and disappointed that James cldnt fight for their love In front of his family (he claimed he was forced to marry the oda girl), Anne then broke up with James and moved on with her life. This was abt 4 years ago. She has been involved in oda relationships which broke up for one reason or the oda. Meanwhile she and James remained friends, cordially.

Last year, they met again and somehow rekindled old flames and started dating again. I tried to talk to Anne agst it bt she refused to listen, saying, their feelings for each oda has never changed. James went ahead to begin divorce proceedings against his wife and the wife in turn informed his family and also added that she has seen his conversations with Anne in his fone. Jst like before his family is kicking against it again. They say, it is over their dead body that, something like dat will happen becos to them, Anne and James are related (that is the reason they are using, bt I think there is more to this). Now this family is sending threat messages to my cousin and her mum and even going as far as insulting Laura, my oda cousin who was already married in their family.

Due to all these, I and some oda family members, close to Anne are begging her to leave the relationship becos of the stories now flying about that she has led to the divorce of anoda young girl like her self; bt most esp. we are afraid for her safety. Bt she won’t listen. She says they intend to marry and she will go ahead with or without her support.

Pls what is your opinion of all this? Are we wrong to be asking her to leave the relationship? Or shld we jst let them be? In fact, we’re all so confused right now, what do u think is the best course of action? Pls
Pls notify me when u post this. Thanks

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