Hi….. Good day mandy.

I need an advice from this issues. I met this guy last year October on facebook and we started talking funny enough we fell in love with each other then he flew into Nigeria this year during easter period to visit me and also proposed which I accepted…. So he visited my parents and the wedding was fixed on the 3rd of February but right now I don’t feel like going ahead with the marriage stuff.

I visited this guy so that we could plan on the wedding but this few weeks I have been with him is a whole lot of hell…. This guy actually made me withdraw from school with the excuse that he can’t allow me stay back in Nigeria to finish my schooling after marriage which I agree….. He also told me that they will be no traditional marriage which I also adhere to him…. Now a day b4 yesterday night as we were planning on things to be done he also said no bridal shower just normal wedding and we will go home….. Pls who does that? How can I Wed without sharing my happiness with my friends few hours to my wedding? Some of u might be thinking that he doesn’t have the money to do that but I assure u guys that this man is well to do much more than that……. He just want everything to be to his own words….. Whenever he comes back home in the afternoon and he sees me watching TV Menh the kind of harsh words I do get is too much to bear, Now he’s even complaining that I am adding weight and my ass is growing bigger…… I am not the type that eat too much and most atimes I do eat once in a day in order not to get fat but is not working because is in my nature…..
I think I have sacrifice enough for this relationship…. Maybe he’s thinking that I have no choice but to marry him…. Seriously I am done with him, right now all I want is to go back to Nigeria and start from where I stopped. I can’t afford to have a nagging husband, one who doesn’t care about you but all he seeks for is his own happiness, one who thinks you’re a woman and you belongs to the kitchen…. One who get angry whenever you dress nice, one who get angry whenever he sees you with your phone chatting and you’re happy.

Mandy pls help me with an advice. Thanks

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