Good evening sis, I really appreciate the good work you are doing.
I need advice from you and your fans. I’m 27 years old, a single mother of 4 years old boy. I met with a guy in July, he is 28 years old…… He made his intention known to me in August, I sat him down and told him about my relationship past experience and I opened up to him that I’m a single mother because of my slim stature the little people i’v told that I’m a single mother always find it hard to believe. After I explained to him about my single motherhood, at first he find it hard to believe but after deep explanation from me, he believed me and before I knew it, this guy was already in tears.

I told him that I’m heal more reason why I didn’t shed tears while I was sharing my past experience and i’v pray to God to heal me completely because I don’t want to be pity. He later summoned courage, he asked me to hug him that he really admire my strong spirit.
The truth is, he always tell me he likes me, he is always there to help me, he inspired me to be better daily. He pushed me out of my comfort zone to go to places just to try my luck for job opportunities, we pray together. This is the kind of guy I want in my life but I can’t force it to happen because he recently explained to me that he need to seek the opinion of his parents because he needs to be sure of himself that he can see my son as his own blood…… He also emphasis on allowing my son to leave us if we eventually get married. I told him I won’t allow that because my mom has been the one taking care of my son from a year old and he is already used to my mom but he can be coming around to visit us during holiday. To cut the story short, this guy fell sick for days as a result of overthinking.

The advice I need is should I distance myself from him? By stop seeing him, chatting him and picking his calls? Because he always indirectly monitor my movement with calls and sometimes he asked if I will stop communicating if I eventually come across another guy better than him…. I’m seeing traces that he loves me and he is not ready to let me go but I need to protect my heart.
Thanks sir/ma for your contributions.

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