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I really appreciate your hand work and say may God bless u.
Please need help I have been in a relationship for 6 years plus, he engaged me over 2 years now. I met him in year 1 when I was 17 yrs old in school from my year 1 till I graduated and finished serving this year. We met he was a taxi driver in school I helped him in saving until he joined oil business and is doing very well, wanted to marry me last year I told him” Baby,since we have a land now let’s build first this year then we wed since I will just be 24 years old”, he accepted. We had a little misunderstanding which is that I did not pick his call, I apologized to him he refused. I left him since I have 1 month to finish serving and come back, I finished serving April this year came back if I call him he will tell me he is busy, busy busy. Finally, we met he told me he is in love with another woman I thought he was joking until today his aunt that loves me called me and was crying that he is married. I am surprised because because from my place to his place is 100 Naira and he exposed me to a lot to people that everyone will be surprised and since then I have not kept any relationship what do I do help me pleases. I am dying.

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