She Has a Good Heart, a Bad Mouth But I still Love Her. Please what should I do ?

Good evening Amanda. Please I want you to help me out there is one lady I met in school we became very close friend she told me everything about her but I never trust her in anywhere with my problems because I knew she talks too much and she is fond of mocking people so I keep my personality out of our friendship but along the line we started liking ourselves where is even open up and tell me that she loves me and I told her because I am a born again keeping such relationship might le to sin because I found out she is not fully born again yet she still believe in things of the world.

So we enjoy our company at all time but I find out she is very insulting and every time we have small problem she will call me names coward and many more and this last one was very shocking to me she used every of my weak point that she knows about me that day and I cried so bad because I love her so much and I don’t want to lose her because she is a very good friend in times of problems. If you call her she will be there but after that she will use it against when you have small problem with her. The money she borrowed me, she called me and ask me to pay the money which I did I could not look her face when giving her this money because she might have insulted me in the public. But I still love and want her as a friend because she has a good heart but bad mouth. Please what should I do ?

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Amanda Chisom

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2 thoughts on “She Has a Good Heart, a Bad Mouth But I still Love Her. Please what should I do ?

  • June 9, 2016 at 9:11 am

    Since you too already knows her weakness and is not ready to help her out to be a better person as a good friend she has been to you; then i suggest you manage her with her good heart,most people are the real course of their own challenge so there’s nothing to be confused about.Mr man please be the man that you are call her to order and talk some real sense into her;i believe she will listen since she too has come to love you back.


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