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Hi!Amanda,good morning.I need you to help me out in this matter,I did only traditional marriage with my husband and this marriage is already asking for my head,but I don’t want to die.Please I really want to walk away but I don’t know how,based on you write-up some days back,stating that divorce is costly in Nigeria especially if you are the one filing for it.Now I want to know please how do I go about it,especially since we did no court or white wedding.Can I get child’s support from him because I have three kids for him.Please notify me when posted so I can follow up.I really need your brainy friends contributions.please I am fed up.

Mandy the above post was written by me on May 17th this year,if you can remember.I am here again with another problem seeking for you intelligent friends help once more.My people have invited him and his people severally to come and collect their bride price.He refused to come and instructed his not to dare collect it that I must marry him by fire………Please are there Arochukwu people in the house please help a sister.Una brother wan kill me that’s why I left him.The last beating he gave me landed me in General hospital’s bed,since then he has been on the run.My question is,is it really true that when one is married to a Arochukwu man,the person can’t have an extra marital affair even in my own case that the both of us are now separated.I am still very young.Am I going to stay without a man like this forever. NB:That is his reason for not accepting his bride price.To suffer me sorry for bothering you guys with my problem,so sorry.

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  1. Benjamin perpetual Amara says:

    In my place if they invite the man severally and he refused to come, they will carry his money and a plam wine covered with one leave like that I can’t really remember it’s name, the leave signifies that we have returned your money wether you lik it or not, so ask ur people very well they might have an alternative to it,

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