I will keep saying it whoever developed the concept of ” Career Woman” needs their head factory resetted. It has become an insult too, someone wants to put you down, you hear them call you career woman. I was having a discussion with Mr man on something like this and I asked him when exactly in history were women not working???



I do not know about other tribes but I am going to talk of the pre-colonial igbo woman, the Igbo woman was always working it was shocking to me actually to hear that there are women who do not work at all. What exactly did you think your ancestresses were doing when they leave the house at the break of dawn to go to the farm with their husbands and return in the evening to make meals for the family and set off the next day?????


What do you think they were doing when they leave very early in the morning to neighboring towns to sell their farm produce and do exchanges or use the money to buy foodstuff and wrapper or ornaments for the family????


What do you think they were doing when they do beadworks and ornaments and sell to other people???


What exactly did you think women whose husbands were fishermen and smoked or dried the fish to sell at the market were doing??


What exactly did you think women who lost their husband to death early and had to continue farming to sustain their families were doing????


Get it into your thick skull, they were all working on their various careers just like the women of today are doing and it did not stop them from taking care of the family. In fact there were really very rich women in the precolonial Igbo who were so wealthy not because their husbands had money but because they had their own money, you could see them joining the otu Odu. In fact if you did not have your own money you cannot be in the otu Odu( titled women) but you could be a lolo to your husband. There were titles like Osodieme and Ijele Nwanyi. The virtuous woman in the bible was working too and no verse ever said ” but she did not balance her home”. The man and wife should work together to balance their home , it is a going concern.


With civilisation came more job opportunities and more women were doing more jobs than were formerly available and most jobs were still within 8am to 5pm just like it used to be in the olden days. If a woman has more passion for her job than her family and neglecting her family, it is her problem not women.. The term “Career women” is not only insulting but stupid as far as I am concerned. Nobody goes into a project to fail at it, the aim is to be successful and have enough to pay the bills or help your partner that is become ” Osodieme” given than life is more difficult now, there is need for a family to have dual sources of income”. If you say you as a man want to do it alone, marry women who enjoy sitting at home and answering Oriakudiya , they are all over the place. Marry them quietly and let the rest who want to work work in peace. There is a man for every woman, if the shoes are tight, don’t force it. If there is nothing like Career Man then there should be nothing like Career woman, women are not doing what has not been done since the time of Eve. It is still women working like they always had

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