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If you know how painful cramps is for 4 or 5 days leaving you wish you were never a lady,

imagine the pain of being pregnant for 9 months,

the tussle attached to pregnancy,

having your child lived with you for 1,2,3 years and getting to his 12th/13th birthday, his life was cut short,

No, not in an accident nor an unfortunate illness but because some miscreants and bullies of god knows what, decided to feed their ego.

We have never stopped talking about parents who leave their children off the chain in the disguise of, he’s just a child,

Parents who back up their kids to slap, spit on and insult their domestic staff because they feel they can,

‘Don’t touch him, don’t touch her, he’s just a child’, just like an egg metamorphosed through stages to become a butterfly,

These kids end up being bullies at home and even at schools at the detriment of other kids and of course as the consequences of the parents actions.

The young girl who set up Ebeano’s super market on fire obviously didn’t graduate into that overnight and you can’t help but wonder how callous a child could be.

I believe social media to be of numerous advantages and the family of Sylvester must find justice for their son’s death if we join hands to speak against the evil committed right under the nose of Dowen’s college.

If you can’t please, don’t dissuade those who are lending their voices, Sylvester may not be your child but then can you guarantee the safety of your child, niece, nephew tomorrow if this menace isn’t curbed today and the perpetrators of this act being brought to book? .

We all were here when Don Davis mother brought to social media about the harassment, bully and abuse on his son,

Of course, a lot of people cursed, insulted and even called her a clout chaser (of course, that’s the new word on everyone’s lips),

A lot of pastors and church worshipers even expressed the fact that she was trying to drag everything Deeper life has worked for… Funny isn’t it??

Let’s not forget those who said, she should go and rest at least her child didn’t die… Imagine how shallow people could think.

I am glad she didn’t give up despite the negative comments she got on the Internet though the positive ones and the encouragement from people on social media as well… And yes, Justice is almost on the line for his son, Davis.

What about Mercy Johnson who came online a few months back to talk about the bullying of his daughter by a teacher??

Oh well, you and I know how that went, a lot of people on my list were dropping snide comments on blogs that she was chasing clout as a celebrity… I hope you don’t get to experience such though because.

The case of bullying and harassment in school both from teachers and lecturers have being on the increase, but who will speak up for fear of the unknown. Both parents and students are afraid.

If Dowen’s college and the students involved in the death of Sylvester are made to face the law,

Trust me, other schools will sit up, and be cautious of the activities going on in their school and know that owning and managing a school is beyond collecting school fees and teaching children big phonetics and grammar.

Sylvester is dead, and all these won’t bring him back to life but justice for his death will bring sense of relief to his parents,

Sylvester’s birthday is tomorrow and the dad in an interview with TVnews opened up that he will bake a cake for his son tomorrow, celebrate and assume like he never died but in school,

You can imagine how strong this might sound but trust me, deep down inside, that man is bottling up a lot…


©Amarachukwu Charity Rufus



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