When you are in a relationship with someone that you love dearly, it is easy to loose your own individuality. Because you want to be with that special person all the time and you want to please your love one because it may be that you are afraid to loose the love bond between you.


However there can be a danger in this because you may push all your other interest away that you use to have so you can live your life around your loved one.
But in the long run it does not always work because you may become bored and loose your original sense of value and what your partner fell in love with may not be interested in your personality now.


You are a gift to the other person in the relationship and it is important that you keep your own unique individuality and maintain your own values. You need to keep up your interests and hobbies and also spend time with your old friends.

So when you get together with your partner you have something different to talk about and that way you will inspire each other with what you learn and experienced by talking to other people.


In a happy health relationship the partners show respect and consideration for each others needs. If you do not allow each other to keep your own individual but spend all your time together you will begin to experience a sense of loss when the other person is not there.

You need to take time out to nurture yourself even if it is spending some time alone reading. Reading a good book can energize you and bring new life into your relationship which will help you to form an even stronger bond.


Hanne Klein


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