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Party -APC

Dr Chidozie Nwankwo was born 54 years ago to the family of Chief and Mrs Joseph Nwankwo of Ifite village, Oko, in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State. … Dr Chidozie Nwankwo  founder of Chido Business Ventures and Wichtech group of companies.A known philanthropist and loved by his people at Oko

He is wealthy enough to sponsor himself in the elections, has friends in high places, his company has a lot of Anambra employees so one would argue that he has built loyalty over the years. He has high chances of emerging as flag bearer for his party as against other candidates. He is a political newbie and I guess attaching himself to the mighty in the central has some advantages.

He is a first time runner for political office, running in an unpopular party in the state, considered unreachable in some quarters, not strong enough party structures, running his own thing as he please with little regard of others input.


A largely successful business man who has contributed to employment opportunities for his people, He has not been involved in any scandals in the past , financial or otherwise that may make him a bad choice. His kingdom care foundation has helped a lot of people in the state. He is a trader’s man because of his popularity in Main Market Onitsha. He has deep pockets to ensure a good run.

His party is fielding candidates who are relatively powerful in their own rights so securing the ticket may be difficult. Even as popular as he may seems in the state, sentiments about his person as a non people’s man may work against him. His association with people like the Infamous Governor of Kano state makes his integrity questionable as one begins to wonder, would our money find it’s way to fabric banks.

Chances of winning-50%

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