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Dr Godwin Maduka

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Anambra is the home of big-money men, and Dr. Godwin Maduka is perching somewhere comfortably in the list of the richest of Anambra people. The Umuchukwu-born U.S-based Medical doctor with specialty in pain relief and management took philanthropy to a staggering height when he built a sky-scrapper for medical research in his home town amongst other numerous amenities such as High court complex and Police stations.He exemplifies the age-long slogan of ‘aku lue uno……’ with numerous money-gulping developmental projects and good deeds to his credit in his community. To site a moneymaking venture home is the characteristics of a true Igbo son but for a man to go the extra length of building huge amenities for the poor in his home town free of charge, is the hallmark of a large-heartedness and a show of solidarity with his place of humble beginnings.

Secondly, the prefix ‘Dr’ attached to his name sort of assures Ndi Anambra of his erudition and good academic standing as there is a tacit search for any other good thing about him other than his wealth and selfless giving.

He has been in the news for numerous stellar achievements for long. Aside his wealth; native intelligence and popularity are some of the big additions he has in his quiver in this gubernatorial race.

His palliative measures which included cash donations, and sharing of bags of rice to people during the Nation-wide COVID-19 lock down in Anambra state eased the pain of a lot of people, got him a large chunk of well-deserved adulations, and skyrocketed his popularity in the state.

Sometimes it isn’t about what is said but how it is said. Dr. Godwin Mmaduka is known for his numerous gaffes and incoherency in speeches in public gatherings, with some video evidences flooding the internet at every point his traducers wants to point Ndi Anambra in the direction of caution in their choice of credible leaders in the run-up to the election. For people who have been around him enough, there is something about his character and personality that is off-putting and arrogant. He has been described amongst the elite as a vainglorious fellow with profligate lifestyle, a character trait that isn’t required in any gubernatorial candidate aspiring to govern a state where a frugal and shrewd Peter Obi once held sway, saved every dime and put them to good use for the benefit of Ndi Anambra.Some people describe him as another Obiano(present governor).Whether such comparison is to be taken as a compliment or a bad remark is left for time to be a good judge at. The question so far has been, outside philanthropy and the big money he throws around, what else is there to him in terms of leadership.His philanthropy seems to overshadow what would have been his relatable and unique personal story to success, if at all it is insightful, but that hasnt been the case.

Fortune can smile on a hardworking individual, turning him to a wealthy fellow and if he/she is large at heart, giving to the society follows naturally. Simply put, Anambra people barely know about his leadership qualities except the few stories of him purportedly owning a hospital in Texas in U.S.A and his philanthropy.

Dr. Mmaduka didn’t only give his town a facelift, he equally gifted them a ‘name lift’ from Nkerehi to Umuchukwu, an act his traducers believed to be overstretching one’s luck. Dr. Maduka has been embroiled in the controversy of his town’s renaming, as some ‘dissident’ from his town has continuously objected to the renaming, throwing a lot of mud slings on his personality and ability to be an accommodating leader with his act in the whole saga.

Dr. Mmaduka is perceived to not only be a new face in Anambra politics , he is known to equally be a new member to PDP. Wealthy people sometimes believe their own lies, and true to his type, he has been conspicuously missing in recent party activities that other fellow aspirants have attended to show seriousness and solidarity, probably acting safe in the knowledge that his popularity and big-money will catapult him to Agu Awka effortlessly. He is also believed to have surreptitiously been visiting and seeking endorsement from wealthy and powerful Anambra men some of whom have been reported to have rebuffed and scoffed at his aspirations, casting aspersion on his ability to govern, having associated and seen him as an unsteady character, and a supercilious fellow.Unfortunatly, nocturnal visits for endorsement doesn’t not translate into victory most times as every ‘powerful’ person has only one vote to add in the polls. Sometimes you need enough dose of humility, good character and modesty in addition to proven record of leadership to convince Ndi Anambra to support you, and Dr. Mmaduka who, during some of his entrance into the state from abroad, organises a flamboyant and show-stopping welcoming party at the airport to announce his own arrival, hasnt shown enough of that.

For me his chances is 50%

Written by Henry Chima

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