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Dr Obiora Okonkwo

Party -PDP

Dr. Obiora Okonkwo is popularly known as Dikeora Ogidi, a title given to him by his people for his doggedness and exploits. He got his political science training in Russia and is well read up to PhD.His business exploits and success has seen him floating one of the indigenous airlines in Nigeria.In addition to his other companies, his Dome event center in Abuja affords any one the same coziness and luxury that is obtainable in First world hospitality industries, a credit to his outstanding business acumen.

As a demostration of his interest in entrepreneurship development and progress in Igboland, he has delivered numerous lectures on topical issues in different institutions and eminent gatherings.A recipient of the prestigious Sun Entrepreneurship award in 2019 and Dr. Michael Okpara Leadership prize in business among numerous others, Dr. Obiora Okonkwo has surely made remarkable imprint in the area of people-oriented leadership.His interest in education has made him offer scholarships to people in addition to building and handing over a school to his community.

However, observant Onitsha residents have remarked on how his foundation: Pro-Value Humanity, have their poster emblazoned at the back of some commercial tricycle(Keke NAPEP) that some wonder if his foundation only exist at the back of vehicles to drive up his hitherto hidden political ambition or do the work of adding value to human lives. Pro-Value Humanity foundation is a non-for-profit NGO focused on providing human development but some have argued that the organisation has more bill boards than more people whom they are developing.Whether this is to assume that the foundation is a front to spread Dr. Okonkwo’s popularity or do the real job of development is left for people to judge after the election.

In this guber race, Dikeora just like his name sounds isn’t the Dike that is likely to be chosen by his party for the race because of an unwritten zoning arrangement which doesn’t favour him as he comes from Anambra Central Senatorial Zone against the seemingly ‘favoured’ Anambra South Senatorial Zone.

Dr. Obiora Okonkwo is believed to be new to the game of party politics and has very powerful co-contenders from the ‘favoured’ zone that he might find it difficult even clinching the party ticket. Beyond party issues, he equally lacks the widespread popularity of a known philanthropist or even a convincing political advantage to shore up his winning potentials in the gubernatorial race.

If this is some ecclesiastical appointment or election to be done at the college of Cardinals, Dikeora who had up to 21 Bishops and numerous clergymen in full attendance during the burial of his beloved mother would have easily won, but then this is Anambra gubernatorial election where a lot of factors(zoning arrangement included), some of which don’t favour him, are in play. Dr. Obiora Okonkwo’s personal philosophy is ‘ dont tell me about the storm’, deliver the cargo’. With the foregoing, it is obvious that many eyes will be on him to deliver the cargo which in this case is his party ticket,in the midst of the aforementioned perceived disadvantages, before the storm of the election proper.

His chances is 40%

Written by Henry Chima

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