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Chukwuma Umeoji
Party -APGA

Hon Chukwuma Umeoji hails from Ezinifite Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State. He is a Sitting member of the house of representatives under the All Progressive Grand Alliance. He is a politician and a longstanding member of the ruling party, I saw nothing on him sadly beyond being a member of the house of representatives.


He is a politician, a member of the green chambers so one would say he has some grass root structure in place already. He has the advantage of being in the ruling party.

Apart from being a member of the House of representatives, I just could not find anything notable about our aspirant, few write up here and there but one who is so careless about building his profile is not someone who can do much as a governor. There are way better candidates running for same position so I dont see why he should be considered unless he serves the purpose of a stooge to the sitting governor.

Like I said Earlier, if he secures the anointing of the sitting governor then he has a war chest and easy structure to lean on.. Being a career Politician gives him some advantage too. Maybe his brothers from Ezinifite or Aguata will come through for him but considering they have other notable candidates.

To run an election on the shadows virtually unknown must be the only threat, there are no laudable projects done by him as a member of the house.. People are not so interested in career politicians anymore because of repetitive actions and it may seems like every sitting member of the house of representatives from APGA is running for same position.The ruling party has also lost a lot of her goodwill in the state so it would be hard for anyone running under that umbrella to convince Ndi Anambra that they mean well.

Chances of winning -40%

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