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Party- PDP
Mr. Valentine Ozigbo is a new face in Anambra political terrain. Having been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Transcorp hotels for years, his amazing managerial skills have ensured more success for the firm. He brought same adept managerial skills in his involvement in PDP party activities in recent times, maintaining a serious-minded-person presence and respectfully courted every party leader and member. He has carefully and calculatedly maintianed a very conspicuous presence on social media with so many socially engaging activities on and off social media, such as:
Ima mbem competition
Unusual Praise
Unusual Entrpreneur competition
Val Ozigbo walk for health
and other empowerment and philanthropic activities over the years.
These activities have endeared him to, and raised his popularity to a high level amongst the Anambra ‘social-media conscious’ youth, a demography that has arguably been touted to not parade so much voting power.

He lacks the grassroot touch and the popularity of a known and established political names/faces, a disadvantage that one needs not have few months to election.

The reality of Anambra political space is such that PDP and APGA are the two prominent political parties that have the people’s unalloyed acceptance and likeability in gubernatorial elections. Being a front line contender for PDP ticket in the Anambra Gubernatorial election, if he wins the ticket, the party likeability factor is already counting for him.

On a personal level, his leadership mettle has not been known among ordinary electorates as he hasn’t held any political office, a veritable platform to prove one’s impactful leadership ability. He is in some circle considered an elitist as his former position at hospitality industry has only made him friends to the champaign-popping wealthy and mighty, but unfortunately, voting is for every eligible voter- high or low, villager or urban dweller. On a downside, rumour has it that Mr. Ozigbo can barely string complete sentence in Igbo, and speaks Igbo with ‘Phonee'(that funny sound some on-air-personalities make with their nose when they speak grammar in order to sound refined).
Additionally, except for the likes of Senator Uche Ekwunife, PDP in the run-up to this gubernatorial election is peopled by aspirants who are mostly first-timers or known politicians with sectional popularity(only well known in their constituencies).

The precedent of good leadership laid by Mr. Peter Obi has remained a barometer to measure success and failure of every leader in Anambra, and this has made the popularity of some first-time aspirants with strong social media presence, a different reality from what is obtainable amongst the Anambra electorates, as they are considered ‘greenhorns’. But with backing of politicians with goodwill, a newbie can gain meteoric acceptance, and eventually win not to mention his seeming acceptance amongst the youth who see him as relatable and more concerned of their interest.

For me his chances is 60%

Written by Henry Chima

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