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Prof Charles Soludo is from Isuofia in Anambra state and Economic professor, former CBN governor and have led some economic reforms, has consulted both in and out of the country for many organisations and considered an Economics heavy weight. He is also a former gubernatorial candidate and still remembered for his role in shaping economic policies that helped steer modern banking reforms in Nigeria.

Economic prowess!! The former governor has loyalist who believe that if he is good enough to be CBN governor, he is good enough to be state governor.He is the best candidate on his party draw board currently.He has sat on important boards, so ome could say he may have garnered some experience.He also has international connections , a close friend of the sitting governor and a member of the ruling party since 2013.The millennial also seems to like him too, I guess that counts for something.

The professor is not remembered fondly or nicely by his students at UNN and a lot of people regard him as arrogant, tight fisted( He is an economist though) and not in the best position to be governor. Whatever it is he may have done to the traders in Onitsha has not been forgiven and they are not keen on supporting anyone who is a friend of the current governor. One would assume, he should have helped the present Governor make Anambra the Taiwan of Africa but it seems to be a case of ” not my cup, not my tea, how then are we to know?

As a member of the state party, he enjoy a well structured grassroot structure that can be utilized. There are people who believe that technocrats are what Anambra need over politicians. I do agree with that. He also seems to be the best candidate the party has unless political goodwill supersedes all other interests. If he does have strong international connections, we would only hope that he utilizes those connections to turn Anambra into Taiwan. He may have financial muscles of the sitting governor.

Even among the members of his own party are those who do not think he deserves the party ticket, so let’s just say, he may have to sort out the internal wrangling before coming outside.We are talking of Anambra not some other state, improving the economy cannot be the only thing you have to sell and if you think the present Governor has done so well then one can deduce a government of mediocrity may come upon us. Is he capable of bringing the sitting governor to book??

Chances of winning – 60%

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