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Party – YPP

Sen Ifeanyi Uba is from Nnewi in Anambra state , a sitting Senator representing Anambra South senatorial zone in the red chambers. He is also the CEO of Capital oil , Authority Newspaper and Radio and FC ifeanyi Uba. A known philanthropist and has brought visible projects during his time in the Senate.

The senator greatest strenght seems to be his good use of media, I mean he is the only one who has his own media who would do as he pleases. He has also managed to gain quite a number of loyalist over the years with his philanthropic efforts, Media presence, celebrity hobnobing. He is also not new to running for elections and has the finances to match his big dreams. He also comes from one of the strongest voting bloc in the state.

Oh he has a lot of enemies, so many who would do anything to make sure he never sits on the iron throne afterall this is just a game of thrones right? One would not forget his little past with billionaire Chief Cosmas Maduka and all his little escapades with the EFCC. His party cross-carpeting antics too have made him appear unserious as people consider that a great sign of disloyalty.

One would say there is nothing like the power of media on his side. He has built quite an influence over the years with his numerous endeavors. Funding would not be a problem and well he is the consensus candidate of his party so we can say for now he is the only candidate who is sure of his party ticket for the election.

Well there are more people who do not want him there than those who want him. One would think, he was better off at the Senate for now than pursuing loftier dreams. There are other notable candidates from Nnewi that will ensure the Nnewi bloc votes are split if they secure the tickets in other party. Like I said before, he has stepped on powerful toes in business ( not my story to tell) that won’t just let him be great. One would also say that his loyalist are loyal to his money not his cause.

Chances of winning – 50%

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