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A Nigerian mother has called out a school after her 3-year-old daughter was flogged by a teacher.

According to her post, the toddler returned from school with multiple cane marks on her legs. She was also having a fever and they had to get drugs for her.

A Twitter user, who is familiar with the family, Chinaza Egondi shared photos of the girl’s injuries and the drugs bought to treat her after the incident. Chinaza wrote:

“See what a teacher did to a 3 years old child? I feel like crying right now. Please, her mum has reported to the headmistress but nothing has been done. What do you advise her to do? @larmmy see ooo. The school is not remorseful. Seems they are devilish.”

The mother of the child, Elizabeth Nkwocha Ebere later took to her Facebook page to call out the school, Adeoye International school, saying the management sent teachers to her house to talk about the incident but one of the teachers angrily left her house and ushered others out too without resolving the issue.

The angered mum wrote:

“Adeoye International school, Adeoye International school, how can you send your teachers to my house and Mopelola Koleosho, one of the teachers just vexed, stood up and started ushering other teachers that they should leave and walked out on me, because I am angered at the barbaric treatment of my 3 years old child at your school…are you guys for real? This is all shades of wrong.”

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