Hello Amanda good day, please visibility of my identity should be respected and protected ,I am a Nigerian from ***** State precisely born in family 7 ,am 2nd to the last born, i based in Dubai,this is my story ,right from my childhood i have had this desire & believe in my heart that i will get married at the age of 30 to have my Children but unfortunately its went other way,man proposed but God disposes ,however when I was serving my master in Lagos i met this beautiful girl when she was(19) from ******* state and I developed an unprecedented love for her & we started dating,but from the first day i knew her I concluded that she will be the mother of my children and I was doing everything within my power for her to appear the best ,that led me to introduce her to my elder brother who visited me at that time.
So after 1 and half year I traveled out of the country while she got admission into one of the Universities in Eastern Nigeria,then shortly after my travel we broke up ,then later after 2 years,I heard she has gotten married to one of her town guy very rich..Then already i have moved on with my life,however 1 yr later I got a call from one of my friend in Nigeria telling me that my ex-girlfriend is seriously asking for my number ,I asked why,since she was married already & he told me she is no longer in the marriage again,then after some days of thought i instructed him to give my number to her,then shortly after that she called me and start crying uncontrollably and asking me to forgive her mistakes and all that,that am the only man who knew her very well and can be comfortable to spend the rest of life with ,so after many months of her persuasions & begging I welcomed her back because among all the girls I dated in my life she was the most loved,then after one year,at the age of 32 I decided to settle down with her coinciding with my childhood thought/plans and I sent money to my family for traditional marriage,which was done mighty than the previous one she had.Then as a happily married man ,shortly after the traditional marriage I brought her down to Dubai hoping to start family as planned like every other man out there could think of doing ,but unfortunately everything turned upside down,barrenness set in ,we started going from one hospital to the other in search of solution but all to no avail .
All my business crumbled which i lost thousands of dollars worth millions of Naira along the line & this affected my business massively ,then things became tough for us but God was still providing, and I never for one day accuse her of been the cause of our predicaments but I was still loving and seeing her as the best woman on earth because Bible instructed us to love our wives…i still keep on encouraging her not to allow our childlessness bother her believing that God will clean our tears with a child one day not knowing she is on a mission, then suddenly & surprisingly after 6 years of our marriage she developed hatred to my family accusing them of being responsible for her not having children.I became furious because i have never insulted her family as i duly respect them a lot, I rebuked her of that because I know my family very well,the same people loved u and those who went in mass with joy to your father to married you for me in my absent.Then things started from bad to worst, she continued her problems, she could insult me & my family,calls me all sort of names,everyday quarreling, at a time she started sleeping in the sitting room instead of our matrimonial bed we shared together for years,she decided that I shouldn’t be having Sex with her because she does not enjoy sex or either have any atom of affection for me/men,that she prefer women to touch her or do it herself,that made me to remember why she never allow me to touch her when I needed her,all I experienced is either she said she is sick or tired continuously or she will complain of not enjoying sex…then I found out that she was indulged in the acts lesbianism during her school day and the spirit is still hunting her with the act., .she said don’t want to marry me again talk of giving me children, then that prompted me to confide in one my close and trusted friend and a pastor as well,there she open up us that she no longer want be under any man again and she want to do business on her own independently,there she also opened up that she didn’t love me in the first place but because of her family pressure for her to go back to her previous husband led her to come back to me so she could run out from their pressure ,that all this years we’re together, she was just pretending that she love me or all that,but never planned to bear children for me or even stay with me,she was asked to explain what i did to her that prompted her actions but she categorically made it clear that I have not done anything wrong to her but prefer to be independent & adopt a child on her own…….. although she very kindhearted & nice person but i perceived it may be this spiritual problem that made her to be very unfaithful,a liar even when you hold her red handed,when I’m went for business trip she will be living a wayward life she lived when she was in school,cheating on me with some of my friends & doing all sort of things at my back ,but because of my love for her & fear of God I still forgave her,knowing that for gold to become gold it must pass thorough fire, ie in a very successful marriage there will be hard times & good times …
In all this pain I’m going through I never touched any other woman as i tried to obey what the Bible said in the book of Hebrew 13 v 4,which says(marriage is honorable among all & the bed undefiled, but fornicators & Adulterer God will judge)so with all this attitude & acts I still love her & respect her right as a woman/wife,knowing fully well through my prayer partners/Counselor that she’s under the influence of evil spirit & she needed deliverance/spiritual help but she refused to yield to my advice or anybody saying that even if she will go for deliverance, i will not be the person to take her because she will not follow me to any living church … So because of all this i have decided to move on with my life & planning to come down to Nigeria to get another wife for myself because I need my own offspring but my main problems is that her family and some of my friends are advising me not to marry another wife for now but to give her some time as it’s very clear she’s not acting with her right senses but the main problem is that she said she don’t want to live with me any longer although I still love her but things is no more going the right way ..Please what best should  do as non is perfect ,I need matured advises as we’re still living together because her family is pleading that i shouldn’t allow her to go because they’re not in support of her ideas,as they are totally tired of her & they will not welcome her ,but the worst is that we no longer have anything in common,we don’t sleep together as spouse any more,no affection for each other any more……..however i know many will say ,have u heard his wife’s side of the story but one thing is that no man will like to bring out his family issues in public unless circumstances beyond it erupted.. Thanks & God bless.
Please Amanda notify me when you send it public,would like to see respective ideas and opinions .God bless you.
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