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Bauchi State Chairman of the Miyetti Allah, Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmad, has backed Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed’s comment on herdsmen who carry arms to ‘defend’ themselves.He told The Guardian in a telephone interview that the herdsmen carry arms for self-defense because government had failed to defend them.His words: “Government’s major responsibility is to protect its citizens and their property. But where the government fails to do that, other people will take the responsibility for doing so. “Nigeria lacks good leadership and if there is no leadership, people take the laws into their hands. Taking the laws into their own hands is not new. It is not surprising if someone says any group should leave a particular state or region, these people are not the culprits who committed any offence.“It is more dangerous to ask people to leave my state or region than for someone to carry weapon and defend himself. So, I’m in support of Governor Mohammed. If the government fails and allows some people to kill other the way they like, then people should defend themselves.”When asked whether other Nigerians should also carry arms to defend themselves, said: “That is exactly what I’m saying. Since there is no government, Nigerians should carry weapons to protect themselves.”BUT a Miyetti Allah activist in Dutse, Jigawa State, Mustapha Barkindo, said the call was unnecessary, since such move was capable of inciting anarchy, which mighty ultimately plunge the entire country into confusion.“Honestly, I felt touched over Mohammed’s comment being a public figure and leader who is to proffer workable solutions to end herdsmen and farmers clashes and not to ignite it,” he said.He lamented Federal Government’s lukewarm attitude towards resolving the herdsmen and farmers crisis in the country, which made it to escalate to this point, saying: “I urge the authorities to act without further delay before the situation gets out of control.”Barkindo stressed that the herdsmen and farmers clashes was a serious issue that needed a holistic approach, insisting that allowing it to escalate further would lead to anarchy in the country.ALSO, a herdsman in Jigawa State, Bello Magamin Mai Tarko, commended Governor Mohammed for his comment since herdsmen were being hated across the country, adding: “We were sidelined, humiliated wherever we go as if we are not Nigerians. We are denied our identity as if we are foreigners in our own country.“We are not at liberty to move from one state to another without facing humiliation, harassment and hatred to a point that our leaders recently called for restructuring and some arguing in favour of separation.”-Guardian

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