It was surely accidental or maybe fate decreed it. Either ways he wasn’t quarelling with the situation. As a matter of fact, he thanked God for it.

He had dialed a number he was sure was his friends. Even true caller identified it as his but the voice at the other end was far from Kelvin’s. It wasn’t even a male voice by any stretch of the imagination. It was languid, sonorous, lilting and had a hint of joie de vivrè in it. The voice insisted it was a wrong number and though he tripled checked his phone each call still went back to the voice. What he wanted to discuss with Kelvin flew right out of his mind. That voice washed over him and he already created a picture of the beauty behind it.

Emmanuel was an average lad. He wasn’t the most handsome guy around but he had a taste and appetite for good things. He had more than compensated for his average looks by his impeccable dress sense and carriage. He was quite the ladies man and knew just how to pull heartstrings.

The voice had jolted something deep inside him. He found excuse after excuse to call the number back and surprisingly despite the number of times he called, the voice gently insisted there was no Kelvin at the other end of the line. The voice didn’t lose its temper or get abrasive. It just gently insisted.

Soon the calls became a sort of rallying joke for them. “Can I speak with Kelvin please?” “You know this isn’t Kelvin, you are looking for an excuse to talk to me”. And a smile spread across Emmanuel’s face. That was the opening line he really was waiting for. “How can I resist listening to this voice from heaven? “Listen I have been calling cos I can’t get over your voice”. “You have robbed me of sleep”.

Her laughter rang over the phone like a tinkle of metal over glass. It was light, pure, sensual and not self conscious. If her voice had enthralled him, her laughter then entranced him. He knew it. He just knew he was in love. How else would you describe this insistent tugging at his heart each time he dialed ‘Kelvin’. Periodically the voice would intrude on his work and he would just stop and start smiling sheepishly. He knew that the body that housed the voice would be a structural masterpiece. She would have long endless legs, her hair would be lustrous locks and her face would be that of an angel. Surely it would be a travesty of creation if she were any less.

They spoke endlessly on the phone and yet she refused to divulge her name, Facebook identity or even her BBM pin. Her profile picture on Whatsapp was a bible verse. She seemed shrouded in mystery which made her allure even more. He was determined to meet and make her his.

They spoke endlessly for weeks before she agreed to meet him for a drink. Getting her to accept was like wringing water out of rock and only served to heighten his expectations.

The day dawned bright and clear. Quite unlike his usual self, he was so nervous. He had a heap of clothes on his bed and on the floor. He must have gone through ten shirts and 5 pairs of trousers and still wasn’t satisfied. He didn’t want to appear like he had made too much of an effort yet he wanted to look like he respected her enough to bother dressing up for her.

He eventually settled on a black polo with black jeans. He had on a black leather belt with a Gucci buckle, black leather strap wristwatch and a really sleek pair of black Nike sneakers with a bold red logo. He looked really put together yet quite casual.

He hurried to the swank restaurant he had suggested and sat at the most vantage corner where he could see anyone come in. He could barely contain his excitement and was twitching in his seat.

He watched several beautiful ladies walk in and out of the restaurant. Several times he made to approach them and remembered she would call soon as she got into the restaurant. He made to call her and barely restrained himself. It wouldn’t do to appear too eager.

About 30 minutes after they had agreed, he was near breaking point and then his phone rang. He fumbled to take the call while keeping his eyes on the door to see the angel in his dream walk in.

The hello stuck in his throat as his eyes almost left its sockets. In place of his dream…

He quietly got up, picked his car keys and without as much as a word, pushed past her at the door and walked away to his car. He had never experienced such disappointment and would rather not dwell on it. All his dreams had crashed completely.

Angela stood at the car park and watched him walk away. She wasn’t surprised and wasn’t disappointed. Words usually were a mirage. Love an entirely different thing. She waited and as soon as her cousin joined her from the restaurant she drove off.

She pulled up next to him, wound down, blew him a kiss and sped off. His jaw dropped in utter stupefaction at the sight of the beauty and at that moment he hated himself.

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