1. Umudike boys trying to IMPRESS Post-UTME girls

“Sister, Sister, is like you came for Post-UTME”!! Those boys can steal your soul and destiny and stop what the Lord is doing in your life.



2. How every fresher behaves at first meeting in Achebe

look ramsay










Who knows where this one is from, maybe from special center!! Wooooh, lemme do and coman be going.


3. How Achebe looks like during GNT lectures

Ahah, where are all these ones from?Just when i thought I’m the only brillant person in my village.



4. When those fine MCB girls ask if  the seat next to you is free


Chai, baby just say anything and it shall be done unto you!!



5. You going for UGC

grow into it














Eskiz me, Please you people should not spoil my makossa with your blues


6. Your face while passing IBB hostel before it got renovated


The people living here can try sha for Africa. IBB is the new Ajegunle.



7. How Ekedo, Thunderbolt Preachers and Man O’War see themselves

Eyin Boys, plix position. Ndi Overdo!!



8. You when CEET boys are forming most intelligent during Philosophy and Logic


What is working this one ni? Pastor Solomon, Omniscience, plix show yourself in technical drawing.



9. When you see that person owing you, eating at Merchandise

scott are you insane shock

You are one of the witches against my destiny.



10. You during Speech Day

Another useless event to remind us how bad our English is!!!



11. When you don’t turn up for Campus Fellowship

We will not give you one drop of water when we make heaven. Your destiny is in hell sha.



12. How year one students rush down to Engineering Workshop for CHEM113


Biko my Parents sent me down here to study hard, don’t come and spoil my First-Class agenda!! Deceiver of the brethren.



13. How the girls see you when you tell them you live alone in Sage Apartment

blackish money


This is the type of guy my daddy said I should date. Such a hardworking and goodlooking bros!!



14. How Biochemistry students see Prof. Okafor

With this Professor, you should never forget that “banana is bae.”All ye Banana Head!!!



15. How you wear your trouser while crossing the security post that year

 Plix o, I’m not Michael Scofield, i can’t sleep in MOUAU prison. My Parents said I should be responsible!!



16. When exam time-table eventually shows up

how the hell

This life sha, nothing good lasts forever.


17. What computer village looks like during exam

Those people can photocopy anything for you, even your future.


18. When someone demands for extra sheet during MTH 112 exam


Some people sha, is it not the same exam I’m writing, abi they are calculating when our Lord shall come?



19. You leaving Vet Medicine Students for Hols

dance two

Ah, kpele, i wasn’t there when you choosed your course, let the Lord continue his good work in your life; till we meet again.









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  1. Kennedy donchuks says:

    wonderful compilation. it just detailed the summary of Every 4/5-year-exprience in Mouau. if it was a disease then everybody was infected. lol.

  2. Meejakes says:

    This is so true, I wasn’t there for long but can definitely relate, the Achebe own na em funny pass oh, dem go even wound join….

  3. Eyiche Okoroafor says:

    I can relate. So McB girls are actually making the waves as I heard. That’s a nice trend after grad though.

  4. Joy says:

    Wow… This is just made me laugh like mad… I’ll appreciate real mouau pic next time biko oh… And there should be a place for Aba girls, when they hear there is public holiday…

  5. samuel says:

    realy realy nice one…*true experience …i jst kept smiling…..*.lols…*…

  6. Dr Sanctus says:

    The last number took me back to days in school. Proudly A Vet.

  7. Kikelomo says:

    Omg!you nailed it bro. More power to your elbow

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