Have you ever felt that you are desired more by members of the opposite sex, mostly when you already have a lover? Don’t be surprised, it happens to most, if not all of us. It’ll interest you to know that this fact has been proven true by experimental evidence.

Here are some of the proven reasons you’re wanted more by members of the opposite sex when you’re already in a relationship:

1. Confidence Boost:

Due to the fact that someone is making you feel the way you should — special, wanted, beautiful, among others, your confidence is boosted greatly. and whatever else you need to hear. Confidence helps you become more outgoing and exploring, wanting to try out new things, meeting new people, engaging in conversations and exchanging ideas.

2. Emotional Fulfilment:

I don’t think there’s anyone alive who wants to be with someone that will be emotionally burdensome to them. Naturally in relationships, there’s almost always a compromise; while the man meets the woman’s emotional needs, the woman meets the man’s physical and egoistic needs. That explains the attraction to people of the opposite sex you’re in contact with, who don’t necessarily come off as needy to you. This quality tends to make them more real and attractive to you, and this is easily achieved when they’re in a relationship.

3. Proximity With Members Of The Opposite Sex Through Your Lover:

There is bound to be occasional meetings between you and your lover and his/her friends. In such hangouts, you get exposed to them, exchange ideas, and of course, there’s almost always a tiny spark between you and your lover’s friends. Generally, spending time with members of the opposite sex opens you up to more opportunities of being hit on.

4. Superiority Challenge:

A member of the opposite sex showing interest in you doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re interested in you. Rather, they are interested in finding out if you’ll betray your lover for them, thereby proving that they are superior to him/her. In this case, it’s a challenge to your lover, and not about them desiring you.

5. Status Change:

While we all belong to a stratum of the social hierarchy, your status can change automatically when you begin to date a particular person; someone of a higher level. This will definitely draw attention to you, and make people who’ve never noticed you before begin to admire and desire you.

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