Everyone wants their relationship to be better; But most people make that a complicated affair. Relationships, however, are pretty simple – especially if you have a system or plan to follow. Here are seven, easy-to-remember things you can do right now, and always, to dramatically and permanently improve your relationship:

1. Love. Open your heart; Listen to it and learn to think with it. Your heart is smarter than your brain!
2. Look. Watch and pay attention to the details of what you see. Be aware of and notice changes and new things.
3. Listen. Pay attention to other people, listen to and respect other sides, perspectives, opinions, etc. Make other people important.

4. Learn. Expand your mind and awareness. Learn and do new and different things. Be dynamic; Stay interested and you’ll stay interesting.
5. Let-Go. Learn to release, forgive, and forget the past. Cultivate un-attachment and make the most of the present moment.
6. Live. Do what you do, do what you love, do what interests you, live, and grow; Do life.

7. Laugh. Smile, be happy, have fun, be of good cheer, play and laugh; It will heal you and keep you healthy and happy – and that’s what life and relationships are all about.
It may take some practice, and some time to adjust to a new way of being; But, if you want your relationship to improve, you have to think about what you really want and then at least conceptualize simple steps you can take to show the world you really want what you think you want. When you do that, the world will meet you there. Become the change you want in your relationship; These are just a few of the things you can do to improve your relationship and make the most of your experience. Be creative and you can probably come up with something new to add to your relationship almost every day. You, and your partner, will be glad you did.
Pete Koerner
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