Rumors And Wisdom


The incessant rumors about the death of President Buhari are mind boggling. This confirms the President has lost his magical touch on the nation. How this particular metamorphosis emerged is a wonder. From the royal dogma of change to the obvious, moldy and devilish homily of chain, the wild speed at which the mind of the people reversed is awesome.

This proves Nigerians are very intolerant but still their lackluster attitude which portrays their disappointment and anger is dispiriting. We whine about everything but still go ahead and embrace those things we have discarded. It is very simple. If we are weary of something, there are certain ways to show our frustration and not by being cowards and hiding behind the weary cloak of feeble rumors.

I believe we will be healthier without reading the news on any media. But what the heck! One minute you look away from the activities of the world, the next you may be likened to a marooned Robinson Crusoe. Humans are news mongers and we would be no where without the news.

Current news around the world transmits shivers down my spine. Name it: Pestilence, brutalities, terrorism, economic meltdown and so on. Come to think of it, we are giving ourselves preventable high blood pressure and we blame others for our throes.

The media contributed in spreading the insalubrious rumor of the President’s death. It was started by a supposedly online British newspaper known as The Metro and soon after the news spread to other media outlets like wild fire. There was tension in the country and the President’s personal assistants did more damage by treating the issue with kid gloves. It is a good thing that this rumor has been nipped in the bud and normalcy has been restored in the nation.

Truth be told, it was very unfair to the President himself but the man is also to blame for the wide spread of this untruth. He would have simply addressed the nation immediately the rumors started but as usual the man and his handlers are lackadaisical who feel they owe no one any explanation and carry on like demi-gods, forgetting he was put there by the electorates.

Still there is no smoke without fire. If the man was doing well, all these needless high blood pressure rumors will be debunked by able hands. The President’s travelling spate suddenly increased and this is raising eyebrows. If he leaves the country without letting the citizenry know of his destination and itinerary, should we be put to blame for coming up with whatever suggestion our mischievous minds fancy?

There are genuine reports that the economy is wobbling like a drunken sailor and it is strange that those in charge of the economy are wobbling along. If the administered task is cumbersome and overwhelming, they should throw in the towel and pave way for new hands. I see no reason one who is inexperienced in a particular field should embrace daily ridicule simply because he or she is trying to stay relevant. Relevancy isn’t struggled for, it comes naturally.

I have a short piece of advice for the President. Kind sir, if the mantle on your shoulder is too heavy and you are enormously stressed due to your age, there is no need fooling anybody or dancing to the tune being peddled by a particular political class. Simply do yourself a favor and resign. Then go ahead and enjoy your old age gracefully. It would be a thing of pain to keep on telling yourself true lies and continue being beguiled by those around you. I believe wherever the late ex-President Yaradua is he would be wishing he followed his heart.

A world is enough for the wise. There is an aphorism in my village that the sight of grey hair doesn’t imply wisdom. I cannot believe an adage as glittering as this could worm its way out of that backwater zone.

Lastly, the recent verbal vibration and vituperation meted out to Innocent Idibia AKA Tuface by Professor Akindele Adetoye of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife is filled with malice and envy and very much uncalled for. Everyone has right to life, right to dignity of human person, right to freedom of expression and right to freedom from discrimination as enshrined in sections 33 (1), 34(1), 39(1) and 42(1) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended. The verbal bullying by the erudite Professor is denigrating and reeks of ‘bad belle’.

By the outrage of the Professor it is evident that the man has a bone to pick with the prominent musician. If the life style of the musician doesn’t becloud his upright reasoning and decision, I see no reason he should be attacked by oga prof. The reason Tuface’s activities and proclivity became public is because he is a public figure. Men like Professor do worse behind closed doors in the ivory tower they tread.

If enlightened men like Professor can’t speak out against the tribulations being churned by the current administration , then they should let ‘ruffians’ like Tuface and his ilk do the needful.

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