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Good day Amanda. Please, I need some advice from friends. I wish to appear anonymous.I have been seeing this guy for quite some time now, though he stays abroad. He has let me in to his affairs over there including a girl he is going out with that is pregnant for him,who is not an African or a Nigerian. Of recent, he made his intentions known and said to come and see my people this November,that I should bear with him till the girl delivers this July.

According to him”he wouldn’t want to discard the girl forcefully because, she might set him up concerning the kind of business he does and more so,under her condition. At some point, I began to get extremely jealous over some pictures I see on his wall with the girl, which I confronted him about and he said the girl always tags him to them.few months ago, I noticed he has blocked me on Facebook, but really,he still calls every now and then, so I never bothered to query him about it since we do chat and talk on phone. The disturbing part of it is that he has stopped calling for a month now, not that we had any issues or anything. I have called him severally to know if anything is the problem, but he didn’t pick his calls nor returned them. I’m emotionally disturbed and confused about the whole thing. Should I move on or give him some time?

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  1. Mma says:

    Shey abroad na this one wey we dey ba? Haha!You aint the only one he’s using infact.. He is tired of seeing ur naked body on video chats! Look move on and stop say deeaming

  2. Ben kelechi says:

    Girl ! Plz, you don’t need d prophets again to know dat God has delivered you, Don’t be too entice with diz abroad tin,& forget your happiness. Which is d most important tins in marriage.

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