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Hi Mandy. Hope you are good and keeping the beautiful smile on. My bestie was raped in 2013, by a guy she met then. We were together when the guy stopped us, he spoke so nicely and Godly that she gave out her number. He kept on calling and even asked after me couple of times. Two months later he invited her to his house, I wasn’t in town, though she called me to ask if she should go and I advised her to go since he has been nice to her,moreover she had told him that she was not ready for a relationship as she was a virgin, he promised not to bother her till whenever she will be ready.

To cut the story short, she visited him that day and he took advantage of her, raped and took her virginity. She called me and told me all that happened, I asked her to get  medical attention and report him to police. She took my advice and went to the hospital but didn’t go to the police because of the fear for being stigmatized and what her parents will say. She nursed her self back and never spoke of him again. Since then she has been skeptical about men and have never had any come close to her. She called this evening to tell me that the guy has been calling and apologizing to her for what he did years back. Though he is married now,according to him, his conscience have been tormenting him for what he did. He even offered her a job to make up for his evil deed. She said she has forgiven him but can’t take the job, though she has been jobless since she graduated in 2014. Do you think she has made the right choice letting the job offer go?

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