Sex is a beautiful thing. Like every coin, it has an ugly side though, e.g porn. But it was a gift given to us to enjoy. Interestingly , sex is known to greatly improve your health, looks, and mood. Health wise, did you know that men who orgasm 3 times a week and more lower their chances of stroke and heart attack by as much as 50 percent? Looks wise, sex can shave up to 4 years off of your physical appearance, depending on your age. Sexual intercourse also can improve your mood. It increases your dopamine because of a chemical in the semen. In a study, it was proven that women who have sex with a condom showed more depression that those who went “raw.” You may feel tired or drowsy, but studies suggest that sex is a great stress reliever. You can have sex rather than fight with your partner. Sexual intercourse can make you feel so much better. Marriages sometimes fail because of a lack of intimacy. Marriages without intimacy are shown to be more stressful than those with intimacy, and typically, the marriages that do without it sometimes suffer from infidelity. There is absolutely no reason to not have sex with your husband or wife, or to at least try to. All around, sex makes you healthy, beautiful, and happy. You want to be happy? Have sex!

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