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Bennani and Henry

“In 2006, I had been an intern for four days at RMC. Thierry Henry was in Paris to announce his new boot sponsor. My bosses said to me: “If you succeed in getting Henry to appear on Luis Fernandez’s show, you are a genius”. My bosses were laughing, thinking that I would never succeed… Especially since Thierry Henry had not spoken to the media for a while.

So I arrive on site and at the end of his announcement for his new equipment supplier, I slip discreetly behind the stage. As he passes, I grab Henry by the arm, and he glares at me. I feel like I can only say one sentence to try to get him.

I tell him, “I’m an intern, if you pick up this phone, you can change my life.”

Henry replies: “Really? OK, give it!”

So he takes my phone and agrees to appear on the show for 30 minutes before hanging up and saying to me: “I hope this will help you in your career, my little one.”

Thanks to him, I got a fixed-term contract at RMC the next day. And when we met again at Amazon a few months ago, Henry explained to me that he had accepted because I had some nerve.”

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