Hello ma, please hide my id. Sorry for bringing this to your WhatsApp. I can’t access your inbox on Fb. Please hide my id. I would be getting married in a few months time. I’ve never slept with my guy, but we do touch and kiss a lot in fact we are genuinely attracted to each other. He’s decided to wait before the wedding before having sex with me. Ma, my worry is that I’ve never had sex before. In fact, prior to meeting my guy, never met anyone I could say I was attracted to.

At a point I thought I was abnormal, I had to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research. My fear is that I may have been circumcised. But I’m not sure. My mum died a very long time ago, if not I would have asked her really. Ma, I don’t if this is a valid fear, but the truth is that I am attracted to my guy, but it’s like my body doesn’t support it. As in I don’t get wet easily. But those feelings are there. I’ve tried to examine my vagina but it’s like there’s no place to penetrate, and I’m looking forward to our wedding night.

But I’m also scared that it would be extremely painful. And seeing that I don’t get wet easily, I may develop some sort of disinterest towards sex. As this happened to one of my friends. Please ma, I really want to know if these fears are valid or maybe just in my head. I’ve talked with my guy so many times, but he’s very confident and feels I’m being paranoid.

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