Why can not I forget him? That’s one question that you may find yourself asking long after your break up. Try as you might you can not stop thinking about your ex boyfriend. Even if the split itself was very painful, there are still so many things you adore about him. Perhaps you’ve even tried to move on and meet someone new. If you’re still focused on your ex though, no new relationship has any chance at all for thriving. It’s such a difficult emotional place to be in. If you want more control over how you feel and your ability to move forward you have to begin by learning why you can not let go of him.

One problem that some women have after their relationship has come to an end is that they listened to advice from people who are too close to the situation to see it objectively. By that, I mean if you’ve been turning to your best friends or family members in an effort to get help to forget your ex, you may be doing yourself more harm than good. Those individuals want one thing for you and that’s for you to be happy. They can only see your ex as someone who caused you a lot of pain during the break up. They’re not considering all the months or years that you felt fulfilled within the relationship.

Regardless of what anyone else says you can not move past your boyfriend until you accept that the relationship being over is really what you want. Consider whether you feel that or whether others have tried to convince you of that. If you’re still feeling love for him trying to move on may not really be what you need.

When you’re asking yourself the question, “why can not I forget him,” you have to reflect on whether the answer may actually be, “because you’re not ready to yet.” If you feel that he truly is the only man for you, that’s a lot of unsettled emotional baggage for you to be carting around with you.

Sit down and look within yourself and your own heart. Consider a life without him. One in which you do not dote on thoughts of him or replay the good times you two shared in your mind. Then consider a life that includes him. Think about what it would be like if you two were back together again. If that thought lifts your spirits and helps you feel more at peace, you may need to start thinking about the idea of getting back together. If you really can not let him go yet maybe you’re not ready to because your future is with him.
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