Some people are asking why Joe Praiz and his wife are crying on their wedding day and why couples cry. Let me explain even though I have headache.


You don  find husband before??? You don find wife before?? Do you know the struggle?? Ask everybody who have been praying for a life partner, you will understand. Only the “Father remember me” prayers na die, then going to wedding every Saturday as a guest. You tell people do not cry when he propose, do not cry at wedding , the ones they cry at Shiloh and Uma Ukpai crusade na you dey clean am??


You will wake up and say” God I wan marry time don reach to move the ministry to permanent site”, then you open door to go and search, that is when all the mad people will go to market. Plenty fuck boys,coat wearing niccars, yaba ex inmates, agbero, destiny killers, inherited liabilities, karashikas, baracudas,okpoho, girls that need help,possessed and half mad all sort of gather and price( achikota ekwe onu something) from one relationship to another, so  ” tell me about yourself”. Break ups. ???


You will be searching oh, one year will turn to five years before one day just like that , the person that was meant to be will just come and it is done. My friend e reach to cry na tears of victory… The struggle is real.

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