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Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka, Catholic priest and founder of Adoration Ministry Enugu, has verbally attacked South East Governors for the travails of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
Mbaka said this in Enugu during his Wednesday weekly ministration titled: ‘E no dey again.
In his words: “Don’t sell your sons and daughters because of political promise that you are not even sure will materialise tomorrow.
“Don’t sell your son because you are governors today! Live and let live.
“Let the leaders listen. The solution is not in arrest and handcuff, the solution is in job creation!
“Leaders beware! Their(leaders’) stubbornness will collapse this country one day. If care is not taken, it will happen like an earthquake!
“Even if you arrest 100 people, it will not stop the agitation. If anything, it will worsen the situation.”
He added: “Many people are clapping for them now. But when the heat becomes unbearable when the sun riots, when heavens shake you will understand.
“When they killed Jesus Christ and put him in the prison-grave – Jesus’ prison was in the grave – they thought it was all over for Him, that the end had come.
“Whoever that you have in heart now that is in the prison, may the Lord be with that person. May the Lord show such persons mercy. May they receive favour; favour for my people.
“May the Lord show him favour, even from the prison warders that would be protecting him

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