Hello Everyone,

It is my first post on the blog and I am starting with the year review.
It has been a year, the year started a bit sad for me with the loss of my car to a freak accident and I did not know where to start from there but God made a way ( you will see this a lot) . In February, I almost thought I would be a victim of a plane crash, I saw the signs but God made a way. Then Lockdown happened and I was really worried, how was I going to cope, our business had barely started and the world shut down , it looked hopeless but God made a way. Then I had that very colourful birthday shoot well I was bored and wanted to live it up, I mean there was nothing else to do than live it up.

Then in the process of living it up, I got Covid. I was careful, I tried to stay safe because I knew I was high risk already, the symptoms were popping up but on my birthday I got the positive and I got really sick. I have been through a lot in my life but I have never been as sick as I was. There were nights when I thought it was over and I felt closing my eyes was it. I prayed a lot, i could not even tell a lot of people I was sick. I suffered, nothing worked , they said you recover in 14 days max, It took me 70 days to recover. Covid is not a joke, that thing is like an alien takeover. I will do more detailed post on my experience.

In the middle of it all, I lost the one person who was my support system, one of my best friends. He was fine, I was sick, he was checking on me and he just dropped dead. It was the most difficult moment in my life but I am grateful. I healed, I am here. There were too many deaths that humbled me, I felt them to my bones, I cried a lot about it. Betrayal from some unexpected quarters but it is for a reason and lessons were learnt.

Life and it’s up and down, I did things, I got deals, money was made, money was spent. Then some evil spirit convinced me to go try to date someone on social media. Ended in pure shit hole, I won’t try it again. But I am counting settling down alone or with somebody’s son as a serious goal next year. That child will definitely come in 2021,sorry to who may not like it in advance, I gotta do me.

Life went well, it was an amazing year financially, spiritually and otherwise.I think apart from few boring unworthy drags I had a peaceful year. I did my best to stay out of trouble. No matter how hard they tried to drag me, I came out winning. Not bad after all.

I forgot something, I think one of the regular facebook witches and her gang decided early in the year to give me pointless drama and they called me broke a lot, that was how I knew God was up to something. I made more money this year than I did last year, God likes to be extra extra with me. Let’s just say, one duplex down, and yes I joined the enviable list of Abuja landlord/ landlady in three places. Small me Amanda, who came to this town with nothing. God made a way.

The brands I work with all flourished, my business did as good as any business did given the circumstances. I did not lose any member of my immediate family . God made that happen. I loved, I lost, I loved again. I won, I lost. But through it all , I can proudly say 2020 was not a bad year for me, it was the year I learned, it was the year I was humbled most by God, it was the year I realized that everything can be taken away so I decided above all to live and be happy and let tomorrow worry about herself. I did not travel as much as I wanted again. I have three expired visas on me. Maybe we will remedy it in 2021 if Sister Coro departs from us.

What are my plans for the new year, I really do not know, I just intend to practice intentional living, I have personal goals I need to work on, I have career goals and I have money goals. I look forward to whatever the future holds for me. I hope it gives me a lot of sunshine because I deserve it. I am grateful to everyone who reads the nonsense I write, I am super grateful to every member of the congress, we got verified this year( that blue tick is bae) . I am thankful for everyone who is there when I need them. I am thankful most especially to those who make it a point of duty to be used to attack me, your attack inspires heaven to set an abundance table. Please let’s do this again next year, I want to buy my own home and that Lexus I have been eyeing. God bless you all, I wish you the most amazing year ahead. Thank you with all my love.

Amanda Chisom

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