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-THE STORY-(with pictures of the condition of Miss Ukamaka as evidence)

On the 27th of March 2021,I was on the corridor of my apartment when I heard the voice of the young girl miss UKAMAKA, screaming from the ajacent compound in ifite Awka Anambra state,I looked I saw she was being beaten, kicked and pushed by her alleged caregiver,she was beaten and kicked on every part of her body and pushed at the same time almost inside the well of their compound, when the beating from the woman and the screaming from the girl continued for up to an hour I have to step down to intervene,when I got to the place I saw the girls face covered with blood and her clothes soaked with blood with different degrees of injuries and scares not treated all over her body all being inflicted by her caregiver and the husband.i felt so concerned at the same time angry and I asked my self how a sensible person could beat a little girl of that age with her face covered with blood calling her all forms of Names like witch and so on,and didn’t have the heart to stop,does she really want to kill the young girl?Even if she was a witch as she alleged,Does that warrants such a treatment? These questions and others went through my head as I got down to rescue the young girl,on getting there I inquired from her what the young girl has done to deserve such beating and her Excuse was that she went to the waste bin to get what to eat.on my private interrogation of the little girl she told me how she would stay day without eating and and the woman would be feeding her kids in her presence, Without eating she would still go and do all the work, she takes care of the woman’s children,as little as she is goes to the well to fetch water for woman, her husband and chldren,sent to the bush at will,and what she gets as a reward was starvation, beatings and wickedness from her caregiver,what a wicked soul..
Ukamaka was Brought to ifite Awka Anambra state by her caregiver during the lockdown with a promise she would be Enrolled In school, for up to 1 year she has not seen the four walls of the school, instead What she got was maltreatment starvation and beatings with planks and iron Rods by her alleged caregiver and Husband inflicting various degrees of injuries on her.
the hatred on her by her caregiver was even Evident at the police station yesterday when she started shouting at her before the police officers just because little Miss ukamaka wore her daughter’s footwear to the police station,she Showed no Remorse in any way as she was trying to give justification for her wickedness to the young girl.
The story of ukamaka represents what so many children pass through in the hands of their caregivers who come to take them away from their various homes with so many promises being made to their parents,A promise to give them Education,A Better life and a better future with none eventually being fulfilled.
In the bid to rescue Miss Ukamaka my Life and security was threatened by both Miss Ukamakas caregiver and Husband.
The case is currently at Anambra state police command BDivision with the aid and assistance to me by Harrison GWAMISHU a human rights activist and his team at behind Bars.
To the parents Expecially to Mother’s.

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-Give birth to children you can take care of.
-pray that no circumstances either poverty, sickness or death would make your children go To stay with another person as house Maids because Nobody would take care of your children the way you can.i say Amen to that on your behalf.
-Never fall into the temptation of giving out your kids out to any caregiver amidst any condition and promises made, such promises are usually deceptive and in most cases usually unfulfilled.
Prince izu Agbo

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