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When a spouse loses their partner, they often have to make a decision on whether to remarry or not. For the child that’s produced from that marriage, this decision comes with a feeling of trepidation —it may turn out good or bad with the new parent, you never know. If you are that child like Ina who shared her experience with us, what would you prefer? Should your parent remarry or stay single? Hear her:

“We were still kids when our mum died. Even as a 10 year old child, I didn’t want my dad to be alone. When he called us couple of years later to say he wanted to remarry, we didn’t object, not that our objection would have made any difference, we were all still kids. Maybe he got married as much for himself as for us, but for me, I was only thinking of him, I wasn’t looking for another mother. Sadly, I didn’t get one either. Maybe she didn’t try hard enough. It’s been about twenty years now, we have what you can call “a good relationship.” —By that I mean, she’s just my father’s wife and I am just her husband’s daughter, there’s nothing like a mother-daughter relationship between us. I don’t mind though. My father is happy, they have a good relationship. I listen to them talk and laugh even as they grow old together and I’m okay. To me, that is all that matters.”

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